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Jon Ingels is a guitarist and singer/songwriter from Waynesboro, Pennsylvania who has written music for Big Whiskey, the Boro Boogie Pickers, Slackwater 3, and the Lowdown Grasskickers.  Jon's lyrical content is a mixture of storytelling, timeless topics, and geographic imagery backed by folk chord patterns, simple melodies, and a blues driven rhythm.   His songwriting influences include Steve Earle, Jim Lauderdale, Bob Dylan, and Richard Thompson. 


In his solo performances Jon draws from all his influences ranging from blues to country, rock to reggae, and all points in between! While his "acoustic" shows are typically stripped down to basics, Jon has been experimenting with looping technology to layer rhythms and melodies for a one man band experience sure to keep your foot tapping along, and leave you humming a song!


Slackwater 4 is band that Jon formed with friends Kevin Coldsmith on Bass and Brian Forberger on Cajone, Drums and Percussions and Ethan Larsh on Keyboard.  The trio began at an open mic night hosted by Jon, perfoming most of the same material as his solo show. Brian and Kevin bring an extra kick of life to the music with added harmony and rhythm.

Big Whiskey is Jon Ingels on Guitar and Vocals, Kevin Coldsmith on Bass, Ryan Benton on Keys, Eric Plum on Trombone, Shane Statler or Drums and Dave Crane on Guitar.  How to classify a band?  That's a good question.  Lets just call it Rock and Roll, or Mason Dixon Rock and Roll.  Big Whiskey is a band with no boundaries.  Big Whiskey is a band that evolves over time.  Big whiskey has navigated through the blues, to country, to jazz, funk and soul and continues to evolve into whatever you want it to be.  Listen closely and you will hear it all. Come see for yourself and you will be guaranteed to have a good time!

Any Colour You Like is the latest project Jon is involved with. Vocalist and Keyboardist Ethan Larsh started this project to cover Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in it's entirety. After selecting the musicians to pull of such a feat, they soon realized that Dark Side was attainable after the first rehearsal.  They upped the ante by adding the album Animals to the list as well. Their Debut show featured the two albums performed live and was a tremendous success. The band is still focused on doing Pink Floyd Albums and covers but is also exploring other artist's albums.  What the future holds remains to be seen but this band is one to watch out for!   

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