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New Release soon! Eastern Stranded Time

So, I said I'd have this album out in April and here it is July. All I have to say is, it will be worth the wait!! I put a lot more effort in to this thing than anything I've done in the past. I have to thank my friends, Brian Forberger and Ethan Larsh. Brian contributed all the drum tracks in one evening, with only a short time to learn the tunes. He did a fantastic job. Brian is rock solid on the kit and it shows in the studio (my living room). Ethan Larsh put keys on a few of the tunes that I felt needed a little something extra. Some of these songs he had never heard before and with a little experimentation he captured the essence of each song. He even brought some really cool fresh melodies to the song in place I didn't expect. Allowing new ears in on a project is always a good idea. I think I am completely done recording at this point and I'm now mixing down, listening and remixing, until I get this thing to sound just the way I want it. It's close!!!

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